Social Cards

Social card processing requires robust and highly reliable platforms with the ability to process high transaction volumes and develop programs specially designed to address social and government needs.

#InfinitusAnywhere will allow you to process any type of programs and benefits, monitor account funding, as well as manage and activate your card lifecycle.

With #SmartOpenAnywhere you can manage your products in direct connection with processors.

  • Operations limited to specific categories
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Points calculation
  • Individual transaction models
  • Online funding (uploads and downloads)
  • Affinity Groups and Segmentation
  • Differential tax allocations
  • Tax returns
  • Massive processing (for this type of operations)

Global Platforms and Services

Our platforms and services are intended for all players in the Payments Ecosystem: from Issuing Banks to Acquirers, Processors and Credit Cards.
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