Back office Management for card Issuers, Acquirers and Paying Banks

We have created a platform specially designed to cover all aspects of the payment card business necessary for the commercial, operational, administrative and management support of an Issuing or Paying entity with outsourced processing services.

The platform centralizes communications between processors and the ecosystem, standardizing and consolidating the operation in a single Platform.

  • End-to-end integration
    • Service and API Layer
    • Integration with the Issuer and paying bank´s ecosystem
    • Integration with the Main Processors
    • Data Standardization
    • Business administration
  • Business administration
    • Account, Customer and Card Management
    • Financial Data Management
    • Automation Rules
    • Accounting
    • Rewards and Loyalty data integration
    • Merchants Applications, Settlement and Payment Management
    • Card Logistics and Distribution
  • Security and Control
    • Data collection in a single environment
    • Consolidation of connection users to processors
    • Centralized audit and control
    • Special permissions and approval process

Global Platforms and Services

Our platforms and services are intended for all players in the Payments Ecosystem: from Issuing Banks to Acquirers, Processors and Credit Cards.
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