Acquirer Processing Platform

A processing solution for all types of payments, credit, debit and prepaid cards, QR, face-to-face payments or e-commerce. This payment processor-oriented platform has offers unique features designed exclusively for the complete management of your business and operations, allowing you to set up your own network of physical or digital stores, or even your acquiring network for Acceptors, PayFac and Aggregators; always in an open dialogue with private-label or international brands.

Innovación en el desarrollo de software para Medios de Pago

  • Merchant Management
  • Back Office Administration
  • Monetary Transactions (Chargebacks, Transactions, Adjustments)
  • Operation Models
  • Transaction Models
  • Payment methods, fees and Costs
  • Incentives and special agreements
  • Capture and Data Exchange
  • Automatic and on-line batch closing
  • Integration with main credit card brands: Incoming and OutGoing
  • Single & DualMessage
  • Settlement
  • Online Settlement and Batch
  • Duties and Tax Calculation
  • Advance coupons and settlements
  • Direct integration with Orquesta, networks, GateWays and external fraud assessment systems.
  • Alerts and push services

Global Platforms and Services

Our platforms and services are intended for all players in the Payments Ecosystem: from Issuing Banks to Acquirers, Processors and Credit Cards.