Credit Cards

Design unlimited, cutting-edge and customized credit card programs. Set up behaviors through a wide range of parameters, enabling you to provide a unique experience to the card industry.

Standing out in the traditional market through multiple benefits and programs is key when deciding to launch a new product.

#InfinitusAnywhere will support your entire Credit Card Processing cycle, while #SmartOpenAnywhere will manage your business.

Innovación en el diseño de Soluciones Tecnológicas para Medios de Pago
Innovación en el desarrollo de software para Medios de Pago

  • Dual Cards: Credit Cards + Prepaid or Debit Cards
  • Comprehensive program parameters
  • Multi-currency balance consolidation
  • Minimum payment calculation for each transaction
  • Credit limit management
  • Payments app and online status updates.
  • Promotions, rewards and credits
  • Special program design
  • Full lifecycle via APIs
  • Total control in real time
  • Manage relations by Affinity Group, Portfolio, Segment, Group and more.

Global Platforms and Services

Our platforms and services are intended for all players in the Payments Ecosystem: from Issuing Banks to Acquirers, Processors and Credit Cards.